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The Listening Module

The module consists of four taped sections of increasing difficulty. The Listening Module typically has two dialogues and two monologues. The tape is played once only.

Sections 1 and 2 normally involve speakers talking about social situations and needs. For example, there may be a conversation between a university student and a landlord, or a monologue about a city's public transport system.

Sections 3and 4 reflect a more 'educational' context. For example, you may hear a group of students discussing their lecture notes. Or you may hear part of a lecturer's talk on a given subject. (Remember that the Listening Module is not assessing your knowledge of any particular subject. There is no need to feel anxious if the topic of the conversation or monologue is not familiar.)

Your task is to answer questions as you listen to the tape. For each section, you will hear a (taped) announcer introducing the situation. You are then given a short period (up to 30 seconds) to read through the questions for that section. As the conversation or monologue proceeds, work through the questions. When the section finishes, you will be given an additional 30 seconds to check your work. Each section follows this pattern.

In the actual IELTS test, you are permitted to write your answers on the question paper. At the end of Section 4 of the Listening Module, you will be asked to transfer your answers from the question paper to an answer sheet. You will be given about ten minutes to transfer your answers. (Note that no answer sheets for the Practice Listening Subtests are contained in this book.)

There are several types of questions you can expect in the Listening Module. These include:

Sample answers are sometimes provided in the IELTS Listening Module. Although you should expect the types of questions listed above, this does not mean you will have to answer each type. The IELTS Listening Module contains a combination of some or all of the listed types, but the combination changes from test to test. In other words, you can never be sure exactly which question types you will have to answer on any given test date.

The types of skills the Listening Module assesses include:

          - cause and effect

          - order of events

          - comparison


    The Listening Module must be taken together with the Reading and Writing Modules.

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