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IELTS writing  task II sample questions collection

Possible Topic IELTS Writing Task 2 The IELTS Test (Part II)

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  1. Now there is an increased work-related stress. Explain the causes and what should be done?


  1. The students who study from the school to university get benefit less and contribute less to, than those of student who go to travel or job and get skills and experience before going high. Do you agree or disagree.


  1. Many people say that we have developed into a “throw-away society” because we are filling up our environment with so many plastic bags and rubbish that we cannot fully dispose of. To what degree do you agree with this opinion and what measures can you recommend to reduce this problem.


  1. Scientists contribute more to society, so scientific students should get more support. To what extent, do you agree or disagree?


  1. Modern technology, such as chemical fertilizer, has been used in nowadays rapidly. Some people think that it is dangerous to human health and has negative effects on local communities. To what extent, do you agree or disagree?


  1. Compare the advantage and disadvantage, choose three of the following item as media for communication information, give your prefer one which you think the most effective comics, books, film, radio, television, theatre.


  1. Many parents use punishment to teach the different between right and wrong to kids. Many think punishment is necessary to help children learn the distinction. What degree do you agree or disagree? What kind of punishment do you think can parents and teachers use?


  1. People use the computers when they work, go banking and, but somebody argue that it will make the people isolate and decrease social skills. To what extend do you agree this viewpoint?


  1. Which is the best measurement of a country's success. Some people say it is people's life quality which has nothing to do with money, others argue that it is a rich economy .What is your opinion?


  1. Tell truth not all the time is essential. On some occasion, you have to tell lies. To what extent do you agree or disagree?


  1. Happiness is considered very important in our life. Why it is difficult to define?
    What factors are important in achieving happiness? What the important factors can affect happiness?


  1. Most countries spend a large amount of money in weapons to defend themselves though they are not at war. To the countries, it should spend money to help the citizens for who in the countries are poor and disadvantaged. To what extent do you agree or disagree this statement?


  1. Find the causes, consequence Stress


  1. Waste disposal presents problems increasing especially in urban area” Suggest what should government and individuals do can help reduce a amount of rubbish?


  1. The parents in unit British decade not have a television to children in their home. Some people think children should take more creatively. To what extent, do you agree or disagree?


  1. Your views on whether the extensively using of robot good /bad to we human beings?


  1. Live animals are use in research. It is cruel and unnecessary; Other say it is justified in interest of human welfare. Discuss the two views.


  1. It is said that today people’s live are becoming increasingly stressful. What’s the reason of it occur and how to solve the problem?


  1. The reason cause work-related stress and the way to solution


  1. Is that people thinking the elderly person should be take care of by the professionals in the residentical house/home, better than with the younger members of his own famility. To what extent, do you agree or disagree?


  1. Scientic and technological advances have changed our lives. But some scientists in some fields say that scientists are not able to find solutions to the problems they have created. To what extend do you agree or disagree?


  1. People rely on news for knowledge, shall we trust the journalists. What is your opion? what do you think what a good journalist should be?


  1. The world of work is changing rapidly. Nowadays, work conditions are not always the same, and the employees cannot only depend on one type of job. Give causes of the changes and give suggestion for employees to face the situation in future. Show your own opinion; tell your experience and understanding about this matter.


  1. As the development of modern science and technology, some aspects of traditional culture are being lost, so some people think that the traditional culture and technology will be replaced by the modern science and technology such as computer or internet, what is your opinion?


  1. Some people believe that government spends too much money on space research while there are still a lot of problems on the earth. To what extent, do you agree or disagree?


  1. Some sport events such as the World Cup may help reduce the tension and bias between different countries and keep the peace of the world, what is your opnion?


  1. Some people think that the animals should be treated as pets, others think that animals are resources of food and clothing. What is your opinion?


  1. Some people think that the developed countries should fund international aid to poor countries to help these developing countries to develop domestic health, education and trade. What is your opinion?


  1. Young drug abuse is a serious problem nowadays in many countries, what are the reasons for this and what can be done to combat it?


  1. Some people think that the new Millennium is the opportunity while others think it is danger. What do you think about it and what do you expect to happen in the new Millennium.


  1. If famous people are treated unfairly by the media? Should they be given more privacy, or is the price of their fame an invasion into their private lives?


  1. Should developing countries concentrate on improving industrial skills and modern technology or should they promote education first?


  1. Who should be responsible for protecting the environment of a city or a country - the government, the corporation or the people?


  1. Does modern technology make life more convenient, or was life better when technology was simpler.


  1. Tourism is a multibillion dollars industry that supports economic development, some people think that it causes damage to local environment and culture, so what is your opinion?


  1. Nowadays doctors can become very rich. Maybe they should not focus on profitable activities such as plastic surgery or looking after rich patients and concentrate more on patient health, no matter how rich they are?


  1. Will modern technology, such as the internet ever replace the book or the written word as the main source of information?


  1. Should criminals be punished with lengthy jail terms or re-educated and rehabilitated, using community service programs for instance, before being reintroduced to society?


  1. In some countries if parents hit children or punish children physically, they will break the law and will be arrested. Some people think that punishment is good for teaching children to discipline their behavior; others say it is the matter of parents.


  1. Some people think that it is more important for a single language as an international official language. Others think that it will make it difficult to identify countries and loss culture. What is your opinion? And show your reason and example.


  1. With the development of market economy advertisements have become a dominant feature in television industry descript the rich information brought by TV, there still exits strong criticism against TV advertisements. Write on article analyzing the passive and negative effects of TV advertisements.


  1. It is wrong that our government pays more money to the artist projects, for instance, there are more and more paintings and sculptures appearing at the public places, because there are more important things to do. What is your opinion?


  1. The world of work is changing rapidly. Working conditions today are not the same as before and people no longer rely on taking one job for life. Discuss the possible causes of these changes and give your suggestions on how people should prepare for work in the future.


  1. Write an arguement to an educated person of following statement : Students who go directly from school to university benefit less from ,and contribute less to their courses than those who take a job or travel in order to get more experience in ‎‎"real world" before they starting higher education. To what extent you agree or disagree this statement.


  1. Some people feel that in order to improve the quality of our education, we should encourage high school student to evaluate and criticize their teachers. Other feels it will cause the loss of respect and discipline in the classroom.


  1. Modern technology has influenced people's entertainment, makes people less creative. To what extent, do you agree or disagree?


  1. TV series (soaps) become more and more popular in modern society, because communities and neighborhood are non-exist. Do you agree or disagree?


  1. When students come to the campus on the first day, they always feel very lonely. What other problems do they have on the first day and how could school authority help them?


  1. It is one of government’s responsibilities to enable every child to get basic education freely. If so, the profit private school is not necessary to exist. To what extent, do you agree or disagree?


  1. Some people say that advertising encourages us to buy things we really do not need. Others say that advertisements tell us about new products that may improve our lives. To what extent, do you agree or disagree?

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